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‘Us & Them’ Meeting: Racism in America and Why We Should Care, January 15

Racism in America
And Why We Should Care
Fifth Meeting and Topic

Us & Them: To What Extent Do We Identify with the Norm or the Abnormal?

Emily Bernard, Professor of Critical Race and Ethnic Studies, UVM

For nearly four centuries white racism has set the standard of what is in or out, beautiful or ugly, powerful or weak, normal or abnormal; and that standard has influenced how people of color see themselves, and themselves in relation to white people.

Each forum is a potluck gathering where we invite you to share a dish along with your thoughts. 

Tuesday, January 15, 2019, 6:30 pm at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, 273 Vermont Route 15, Jericho, Vermont

Racism in America Announcement 5

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