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Grants and Loans Committee

The Grants and Loans Committee (GLC) oversees all grants and loans available through the diocese. The GLC has been charged by Diocesan Council with the following:

  • to improve the understanding and use of the available grants, loans and appeals funds by all congregations,
  • to make the application process for these funds more, user-friendly, and
  • to enable and encourage the wisest possible distribution of available funds so as to further God’s mission in the Episcopal Church in Vermont, including
    • rebalancing support for buildings and support for programs by increasing the latter as a percentage of the whole;
    • embracing experiences and projects that impact both individuals and communities realizing both tangible and intangible benefits
    • requiring accountability of grant recipients
  1. The GLC expects some contribution toward the project from the congregation or This may be in-kind consideration. The GLC may require matching funds for some requests.
  2. Before any request can be considered by the GLC, the congregation must be current with any outstanding loans, diocesan assessment payments, parochial reports (including filed online with The Episcopal Church), audits and grant impact/outcome
  3. Any and all funds obtained through a grant or a loan application are to be used in a timely manner solely for the purpose(s) stated in the GLC’s approval as supported by the The recipient of grant or loan funds shall make a report to the GLC on the final disposition of the funds, including a line item listing of all relevant expenses.
  4. All funds not used for the approved purpose shall be returned to the Diocese with the final report on the disposition of the This report is required to be filed at the completion of the project, no later than 30 days after its completion.
  5. As available funds are limited, the GLC encourages applicants to think about what you would do if you are not awarded the full grant/loan request.

For further information, call Canon Bates at 802-863-3431.

Application Process

  1. All congregations and institutions seeking funds must present their initial requests electronically to the GLC, using the application form provided – a single application form for all grant and loan
  2. Applications are submitted to the GLC in care of the Canon to the Ordinary (Canon Lynn Bates,
  3. The application must be submitted with a current year-to-date financial statement of income and loss compared to the prior and current years’ budgets, a current balance sheet, and the status of any current outstanding grants and/or loans.
  4. Requests will be reviewed for clarity and completeness and then forwarded to the A Committee liaison will be assigned to the request by the Committee Chair. The liaison will contact the applicant to discuss the request, answer any questions and provide on-going support throughout the process. Additional information and/or documentation for the Committee may be requested at this time.

For grant requests exceeding $5,000.00, the applicant will be asked to have a representative at the GLC meeting or available by phone when the request will be considered.

Committee Action

Generally, the GLC will act on all requests received by the deadline at its meeting and the Committee liaison will inform the applicant of the Committee’s decision within 48 hours. Funds approved for distribution will be processed for payment and available to the congregation or institution within two weeks of the GLC meeting when the distribution was approved.

Application Deadlines

The application deadlines are the 15th of January, March, May, July, September and November.

Meet the Members of the GLC

Chair Muller Liam The Rev. 4 unexpired 2019
Ex-Officio Bates Lynn Canon
Anderson-Ray Benjamin 4 2 2020
Chiperfield Laurie 5 2 2020
Gordon Nanci 4 2 2021
Hartman John 3 1 2021
McKee Todd The Rev. 2 2021
Schneider M.P. The Rev. 3 1 2019
Smith Steven 5 2 2021
Wilson Robert The Rev. 2 unexpired 2019

Lynn Bates is a longtime member of the Diocesan Ministry Support Team and serves as Canon to the Ordinary.

Ben Anderson-Ray is a member of St. Stephen’s Church, Middlebury. He previously served on the diocese’s former Grants, Loans and Appeals sub-group.

Laurie Chiperfield, a member of St. Michael’s, Brattleboro, previously served on the diocese’s Congregational Support and Resource (CS&R) Committee.

Nanci Gordon, a member of Trinity Church, Rutland, has experience on both sides of the grant process — as applicant and administrator — through her associations with Rutland Area Prevention Coalition, United Way, the Bowse Health Trust, and currently with the College of St. Joseph in Rutland.

John Hartman is a member of Christ Church, Bethel. He is currently serving a term on the Diocesan Council and has previously served on the CS&R Committee.

The Rev. Todd McKee is a non-parochial priest based in White River Junction.

The Rev. Empy Schneider is the rector of St. Mary’s, Northfield. She has served in numerous diocesan networks and committees including Diocesan Council, the Budget & Finance, and the CS&R Committee.

Steve Smith of St. James, Arlington served as Chair of the former diocesan Loan Review Committee. He also has prior experience as Diocesan Treasurer and member of the CS&R Committee.

The Rev. Bob. Wilson is a member to the Local Ministry Support Team at Saint Marks in Newport.  He has served as representative to Diocesan Convention and served on the Bishop’s Communications task force. He is a retired electronics engineer/businessman in the wireless communications industry.

Diocesan Loan Review Committee Members

Chair Smith Steven 5
Anderson-Ray Benjamin 4
Bisaccio Kevin 5
Bridges Bill 5
Brower Robert 5
Chapman Christopher 5

Downloadable Forms

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