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Is Race a Social Construct? And Why Does It Matter? Find out on April 30!

Racism in America and Why We Should Care

Eighth Meeting and Topic

Is Race a Social Construct? And Why Does It Matter?

Dr Debra Leonard, Department of Pathology, UVM Medical Center    

Human genome research has challenged the notion that white people evolved from a separate Arian ancestry with the proposition that all humanity evolved from a common ancestry that originated in sub-Saharan Africa. Such research also suggests that racial distinctions are less genetic than they are social constructs. What impact do these findings have on the present reality of race relations in America?

Each forum is a potluck gathering where we invite you to share a dish along with your thoughts.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019, 6:30 pm at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
273 Vermont Route 15, Jericho, Vermont

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