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Artist Katie Runde Embraces the Holy and the Cow: Link to Seven Days Article

Kudos to Katie Runde on her recent feature in Seven Days! Katie, a free-lance artist and musician, is a member of Christ Church Bethel, a postulant for ordination, and a member of the Green Mountain Witness Team #episcopalevangelism


Katie Runde squints a lot while she works, the better to see the contours of what she’s trying to create. On a cold, wet day in early May, that happened to be a three-dimensional, 10-by-26-foot chalk mural of a Holstein. Rendered on pavement at Middlebury College, the cow was decked out in bougainvillea and other flora that are as nettlesome to spell as they are to depict in a blunt, dry medium…

“I feel like a theologian disguised as an artist and a musician.”

Katie Runde

Read the complete article by Chelsea Edgar in Seven Days!

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