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2019 Diocesan Convention: Call for Resolutions

To: Convention Delegates and Others
From:  Anne Clarke Brown, Chair of the Resolutions Committee

The time has come to consider submitting resolutions for consideration for this coming October’s annual Convention of the Episcopal Church in Vermont. The Convention will gather October 26, at the Hilton Hotel, 60 Battery Street, Burlington, Vermont.

Along with this cover letter you will find a document entitled Preparing a Resolution for Diocesan Convention (PDF), which I hope you find useful if you wish to submit a resolution for Convention to consider in October. Also included is a “Form for Diocesan Convention Resolutions” (Word DOCX), which must be followed in crafting resolutions.

The Resolutions Committee is charged with reviewing resolutions before they are considered by Diocesan Convention unless there is a legislative action of Convention waiving this requirement.

The deadline for submission of resolutions to the Chair of the Resolutions Committee is September 16, 2019. Resolutions should be sent as an email attachment to:

Or mailed to:

Anne Clarke Brown, Chair of the Resolutions Committee
PO Box 67
Plymouth, VT 05056

You may email Anne Brown if you have questions, or call her at 802-353-1182 (cell).

Resolutions received by the deadline will be read, considered, and discussed with the author. These resolutions will be included in pre-Convention materials and distributed to delegates before Convention. Convention Rules of Order stipulate: “No resolution may be submitted to the Resolutions Committee for consideration after the published deadline unless extraordinary circumstances exist.” This rule will be enforced!

In this and future years, courtesy resolutions will be prepared in advance of Convention and summarized at the business meeting for general approval. Copies of courtesy resolutions will be available at Convention for delegates to read in full, but except in special cases they will not be read aloud. Those wishing to propose courtesy resolutions (e.g., for deceased members of the diocese, special congregational anniversaries, etc.) should, if possible, keep to the deadline for other resolutions, though of course special circumstances may require exceptions.

The resolutions process will be much more satisfying for all concerned if you take advantage of the services of your Resolutions Committee Chair. If you consult with me before submitting your resolution, we can hope to craft a statement that matches what you want to say without scrambling to meet the September 16 deadline. I welcome your communications, questions, and feedback.

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