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Rules of Order for the 2019 Diocesan Convention

PREAMBLE: The following Rules of Order are intended to provide systematic parliamentary procedures for the conduct of business at Diocesan Conventions. Each Convention is free to adopt its own rules of order, but these Rules of Order are recommended for their brevity and their past usefulness to Convention. Adoption of these Rules of Order shall be by majority vote of Convention.

1. General

Robert’s Rules of Order shall be the authority for all questions of parliamentary procedure and voting at Convention business, except where the Canons, Constitution, or these Rules of Order specifically provide for a different rule.

2. Elections

All elections in which not more than one person per vacancy has been nominated shall be by voice vote. For all other vacancies, election shall be by ballot.

Except as otherwise required by Canon, an election by ballot shall be declared when the nominees have received a plurality of votes to fill the vacancies in the office. If precedence is significant in an office, the order of preference shall be the order of the number of votes received. Whenever an election vote occurs by Orders, each Order’s selection shall be those candidates who receive a majority of the votes cast by the Order.

3. Resolutions

The Committee on Dispatch of Business may set a pre-Convention deadline for the submission of proposed Resolutions. Whenever practicable, prior to Convention all Resolutions, other than Courtesy Resolutions and Resolutions arising from the Bishop’s Address and Charge to the Convention, shall be referred to the appropriate Diocesan Committee, Commission, or other body for review. Such review shall consist of evaluation of the issue presented with regard to established Diocesan policy, verification that an appropriate action clause is included in the Resolution, and the preparation of a recommendation to the Convention. Any resolution submitted after the deadline published by the Committee on the Dispatch of Business shall require a two-thirds vote of Convention in order to be added to the agenda. The proposer(s) of such a resolution shall furnish all delegates with a copy of the full text of the resolution, and will be allowed to address the Convention for not more than two minutes to make the case for inclusion of the resolution on the agenda. There shall be no debate as to the merit of the resolution unless and until the Convention votes to add the resolution to the agenda by a two-thirds vote to suspend the Rules of Order.

Unless a two-thirds vote is required by Canon, a majority of the votes cast shall suffice to carry or defeat a Resolution.

4. Revision or Waiver of Rules of Order

Revision or waiver of a Rule of Order shall be by two-thirds vote of Convention.

5. Constitution and Canons to Prevail

In the event of a conflict between the Rules of Order (including Robert’s Rules of Order) and the Constitution or Canons of the Diocese, the Constitution or Canons, as the case may be, shall prevail.

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