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VT Racial Justice Alliance Announces Q4 Activities

The Vermont Racial Justice Alliance (VRJA) is conducting a series of activities to advance public policy and dismantle systemic racism. Events will be held at the First Congregational Church, 38 S. Winooski Ave., Burlington, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. unless otherwise noted. Click here for complete the complete schedule.

November 12: Making The Justice System Work With Data. Meeting starts at 5:30. Forum begins at 6:30 A lecture and panel discussions on the origins and emergence of race data collection in the state justice system. Read More

November 19: The Difficult and Complex Conversation about Systemic Racism. Presented by Mark Hughes, founder and executive director of Justice for All and coordinator for the VRJA. Recommended Reading: Racist America: Roots, Current Realities and Future Reparations (4th Ed.) by J. R. Feagin and K. Ducey. Will be held at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Jericho, VT.

November 20: The Facts About Slavery in Vermont. Most are starting to come to understand that the U.S. constitution has a loophole that permits slavery “for the punishment of a duly convicted crime”. But what would you say if you discovered the Vermont State constitution contains a loophole of it’s own? Read More

November 27: People of Color Steering Committee Meeting. The Steering Committee of the VRJA is responsible for the strategic direction and planning of the alliance. Read More

December 3: Being a Muslim in America. Imam Islam, Islamic Society of Vermont, Recommended Reading: Muslims in America: A Short History by E. E. Curtis IV. Will be held at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Jericho, VT.

December 10: Reparations For Slavery in VT: Is that a Thing? As the national dialogue on reparations continues, and despite the introduction of a slavery reparations bill in early 2019, lawmakers remain largely silent on the matter of reparations in Vermont. H.478 is recommended for review prior to attending. Read More

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