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Diocesan Committee and Board Members Elected and Appointed at the 2019 Diocesan Convention

Nearly all open positions for Diocesan Committee and Board Members were filled at the 2019 Diocesan Convention. The results are as follows:

Committee NameFirst NameLast NameTown / CongregationTitle/OfficeMission DistrictTerm #Term Expires (Year)
Brookhaven TrusteesShannonMacVean-BrownBishop/Ex-Officio
Brookhaven TrusteesPaul Rev.HabersangRock Point Commons212022
Brookhaven TrusteesEmmyJarvisChelsea512022
Brookhaven TrusteesNancyWuttke2021
Brookhaven TrusteesBeth AnnMaierBarre-Church of the Good Shepherd 212021
Brookhaven TrusteesMickieRichardsonRandolph-St Johns Episcopal  312021
Brookhaven TrusteesLindaRunnionRandolph-St Johns Episcopal  322020
Brookhaven TrusteesRosemaryWelch Distel22020
Brookhaven TrusteesBrettMurphyActing Exe. Director22020
Financial Oversight and Audit Com.ShannonMacVean-BrownBishop/Ex-Officio
Financial Oversight and Audit Com.GeraldDavisBurlington- Cathedral of St Paul Treasurer/Ex-Officio
Financial Oversight and Audit Com.FrancesHuessyEssex Junction- St James Episcopal  112022
Financial Oversight and Audit Com.Charles “Chad”Wohlers2022
Financial Oversight and Audit Com.LauraBuelAll Saints, So. Burlington112021
Financial Oversight and Audit Com.Susan Rev.McGarryMiddlebury- St Stephens Episcopal  412020
Financial Oversight and Audit Com.JamisonDunne2020
General Convention DelegatesStanBaker(Deacon) clergy   1
General Convention DelegatesLeeCrawford (Rev.) clergy  2
General Convention DelegatesScottNeal(Rev.) clergy  3
General Convention DelegatesLisaRansom(Rev) clergy  4
General Convention DelegatesTomLittleLay     1
General Convention DelegatesNanciGordonLay     2
General Convention DelegatesAnneBrownLay    3
General Convention DelegatesJenniferKnowlesLay    4
Provincial SynodBob, Rev.WilsonClergy Deputy2020
Provincial SynodEricDavisLay Alternate2020
Rock Point BoardShannonMacVean-BrownBishop/Ex Officio
Rock Point BoardChuckCourcyResource
Rock Point BoardCJSpiritoResource
Rock Point BoardLynnBatesResource
Rock Point BoardLaurelBroughtonShelburne- Trinity Episcopal  Trustee’s Representative4
Rock Point BoardPaul Habersang,Rev.Rock Point Executive Director, Ex Officio
Rock Point BoardCraigSmithSt Albans- St Lukes Episcopal  Rock Point Operations Minister, Ex Officio1
Rock Point BoardDavidMcKayTreasurer
Rock Point BoardCJSpiritoHead of School
Rock Point BoardKellyStoryDirector of Admissions
Rock Point BoardShawnBryanMontpelier- Christ Episcopal  Board President
Rock Point BoardWallaceGood Jr2022
Rock Point BoardAllanCarpenterBurlington- Cathedral  of St Paul 122020
Rock Point BoardFrankGuillot2020
Rock Point School: TrusteesCJSpiritoHead of School
Rock Point School: TrusteesKellyStoryDirector Admission
Rock Point School: TrusteesShannonBishop Ex-Officio
Rock Point School: TrusteesGeraldDavisBurlington- Cathedral of St Paul Treasurer
Rock Point School: TrusteesLaurelBongiornoBurlington-Cathedral St Paul 122022
Rock Point School: TrusteesSaulSkoler222022
Rock Point School: TrusteesGarthAllen12022
Rock Point School: TrusteesDavidMcKayPresident2021
Rock Point School: TrusteesKathleen,RevHartmanBethel – Christ Episcopal Church 32021
Rock Point School: TrusteesRonaldChesbrough2021
Rock Point School: TrusteesVictor HarryFrank122020
Rock Point School: TrusteesBartonMerle-Smith 12020
Rock Point School: TrusteesScottShealy12020
Rock Point School: TrusteesBobStantonVice President
Standing CommitteeRichard, Rev. SwansonContact
Standing Committee
Standing CommitteeShannon, The Rt. Rev.MacVean-BrownBishop/Ex-Officio
Standing CommitteeLisa, The Rev.Ransom2023
Standing CommitteeTomReesBurlington, Cathedral2023
Standing CommitteeScottieEmery-GinnShelburne – Trinity Episcopal ChurchSecretary2022
Standing CommitteeJennie, The Rev.AndersonNorwich – St. Barnabas Episcopal Church2022
Standing CommitteeLarsHunterSt. Mary’s, Wilmington VT12021
Standing CommitteeKim, The Rev.HardyEssex Junction – St. James Episcopal Church2021
Standing CommitteeRichard, The Rev. SwansonStowe- St Johns in the Mountains President212020
Standing CommitteePaulHarringtonMontpelier- Christ Episcopal 212020
Title IV Discipl. Board VT MembMark, Rev.PreeceFairlee – St. Martin’s Episcopal Church2020
Title IV Discipl. Board VT MembJohnHartmanBethel – Christ Episcopal Church 32020
Title IV Discipl. Board VT MembAnnCooper2020
Trustees of the Diocese of VTSteveSmith  Contact1
Trustees of the Diocese of VT 
Trustees of the Diocese of VTShannonBishop Bishop, ex officio
Trustees of the Diocese of VTGeraldDavisBurlington- Cathedral of St Paul DiocesanTreasurer1
Trustees of the Diocese of VTRecording secretary
Trustees of the Diocese of VTFinancial Administ.
Trustees of the Diocese of VTThomasLittleChancellor
Trustees of the Diocese of VTBenjaminAnderson Ray   2026
Trustees of the Diocese of VTEllenMcCulloch-LovellMontpelier-Christ Episcopal  2025
Trustees of the Diocese of VTSarahCowanSt. Paul’s, Vergennes, VT12024
Trustees of the Diocese of VTStephenReynesMontpelier- Christ Episcopal  222022
Trustees of the Diocese of VTLaurelBroughtonShelburne- Trinity Episcopal  Clerk432021
Trustees of the Diocese of VTStevenSmith Arlington – St. James Episcopal ChurchPresident2021
*bishop will appoint till conventionChristopherChapmanBrattleboro- St Michaels Episcopal  12020
Diocesan CouncilShannonBishop The Bishop
Diocesan CouncilLynnBatesCanon to the Ordinary / Ex-Officio
Diocesan CouncilGeraldDavisBurlington- Cathedral  of St Paul Diocesan Treasurer / Ex-Officio
Diocesan CouncilThomasLittleShelburne- Trinity Episcopal  Diocesan Chancellor / Ex-Officio
Diocesan CouncilFernFryerRutland- Trinity Episcopal Church Recording Secretary
Diocesan CouncilRev. FrederickMoserShelburne- Trinity Episcopal  422022
Diocesan CouncilRev. HeidiEdsonChester- St Lukes Episcopal Church 522022
Diocesan CouncilBarbaraJohnsonWoodstock- St James Episcopal  322022
Diocesan CouncilJ. RobertSpainhourSwanton- Holy Trinity Episcopal  122022
Diocesan CouncilRev. JohnPerry12022
Diocesan CouncilColleenGatesBennington – St. Peter’s Episcopal Church12021
Diocesan CouncilMary AliceDaleyColchester- St Andrews Episcopal  12021
Diocesan CouncilJeanWilson22021
Diocesan CouncilRev. MarkPreece 22021
Diocesan CouncilRev. LiamMuller 22021
Diocesan CouncilLisaNewtonShelburne- Trinity Episcopal  22020
Diocesan CouncilRev. KathleenHartmanBethel – Christ Episcopal Church 312020
Diocesan CouncilMarjorieStrongBarre – Chuch of the Good Shepherd12020
Diocesan CouncilEdithHawksworthEnosburg – St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church12020
Diocesan CouncilRev. LouisGratzArlington – St. James Episcopal Church22020
Episcopal Relief & Development TBDTBDCoordinator

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