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Congregations in Transition in the Episcopal Diocese of Vermont


If you are clergy seeking a call to new ministry, we invite you to prayerfully consider whether your gifts and abilities might be a match for one of our congregations. To follow is my latest report on the activities of our congregations in transition. The information provided below is part of my regular Canon’s Report to Diocesan Council, which is updated periodically. The documents necessary to apply for a position in the Episcopal Diocese of Vermont include, but may not be limited to, to the following:

Seekers are also highly encouraged to visit the Ministry Portfolio of the Office for Transition Ministry at The Episcopal Church and the Transition Ministry Conference to view open positions within and beyond the Diocese of Vermont.

To learn more about congregations in transition in the Episcopal Diocese of Vermont, please contact me by email,, or by phone at (802) 863-3431.


Lynn Bates
Canon to the Ordinary
The Episcopal Diocese of Vermont

Activities of Congregations in Transition

Arlington: Bishop’s Nominee for St. James’ Half-time Priest-in-Partnership has been received and accepted by the Vestry. A Memorandum of Understanding is being finalized. Should that be accepted by all parties, a public announcement can be made.

Bennington: Transition just beginning; conversations with the Senior Warden and Vestry are taking place even as they focus on the first step of “saying a GOOD good-by”. I will facilitate an exit interview with the Wardens and Fr. Justin early next month.

Brandon: St. Thomas-Grace welcomes their quarter-time Priest-in-Partnership, the Rev. Rachel Field. Rachel, who joins their ministry team this summer.

Burlington: I met with the Vestry and MDC on July 22 to review a draft of their OTM Portfolio. It will be finalized in the coming weeks and is expected to be posted for receiving names in early August.

Colchester: I am meeting with the Ministry Discernment Committee on July 28 to continue work on their OTM Portfolio.

Essex Junction: The Vestry and Amma Kim are approaching the end of their three-year Priest-in-Partnership agreement; six-month MMRs have been taking place (most recently, May 1st). This fall we will build on those MMRs leading to a decision regarding their next agreement (extend PIP agreement, Rector call, etc.)

Manchester: Transition just beginning. I am meeting with the vestry and congregation on August 3 in Manchester to review and discuss the ‘process’.

Middlebury: The Ministry Discernment Teams have gathered data, including information provided by a Holy Cow! Survey. I will attend a meeting on September 8 when the Holy Cow! information will be reviewed and discussed.

Newport: St. Mark’s 16-hour per week position is posted for receiving names.

Proctorsville: Bishop Ely has been in conversation with the leadership about their vitality and viability.

Randolph: St. John’s Vestry is finishing the work on their OTM Portfolio. The Senior Warden and I will be discussing compensation details and reviewing the narrative on July 26th.

Underhill: The Rev. Robert Stuhlmann and the Vestry have entered into an agreement for “Super Supply” – their term for an enhanced supply-esque position, along the lines of Priest-in-Partnership (an example of our church being nimble).

Vergennes: Transition just beginning. Bishop Ely and I met with the Vestry. Regular phone conversations with the Senior Warden and others are currently taking place. They are in the phase of focusing on their “GOOD good-by” as the Rev. Alan Kittelson enters retirement.

Woodstock: St. James’ received a list of candidates for their full-time position on July 15.

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