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St. Michael’s Brattleboro Announces a Very Special Lessons & Carols, December 15

St. Michael’s Episcopal Church
16 Bradley Ave., Brattleboro, VT 05301
December 15 @ 4:00 p.m.

BRATTLEBORO, VT – A very special Lessons & Carols is coming SUNDAY, DECEMBER 15 at 4:00 p.m. The mystery, beauty, and deep joy that the Advent season brings is often distilled into great clarity each year as we gather to celebrate the liturgy that we know as Lessons & Carols. This year, our choir is journeying even more fully into the radiant season, as we present and share with you the “Great O Antiphons” of Advent.  These 7 ancient chants date back to the 6th century, and were such an important part of the early Christian community’s experience that it was said that during Advent, one “kept the Great O” in preparation for the day of the incarnation. 

These 7 chants are the various names of Christ, with each name representing a Scriptural attribute. The seven names are: Sapientia (wisdom); Adonai (Lord); Radix Jesse (Root of Jesse); Clavis David (Key of David); Oriens (Dayspring); Rex Gentium (King of All Peoples); and Emmanuel (God With Us).  The names are remarkable in that, for the most part, they are descriptive of ways in which Christ both fulfills prophecy and extends our understanding of the nature of God. 

To accompany the chants, the choir will sing 5 anthems that reflect the nature or emotion of the names of Christ. As before, the congregation will join in the singing of Advent hymns, and the lessons of the season will be read. All of this, with candlelight, deep fellowship, and with the gratitude of the great gift of Love that is coming! Please join us as we “Keep the Great O” together!

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