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Milk with Dignity Justicia Migrante Event October 24

On Saturday, October 24, from 10:00 to noon, The Social Justice Committee of the Cathedral Church of St. Paul in Burlington is sponsoring an online (Zoom) program featuring staff from Vermont’s Migrant Justice/Justicia Migrante movement. The two hours will include short videos on the Migrant Justice story and Milk with Dignity movement. During the presentation there will be time for participants to engage in discussion of the material presented.

The conditions of migrant farm workers, who are essential workers for our dairy farms, are part of the story of racism in Vermont. They are people of color who experience systemic oppression as well as specific dangerous conditions on the farms and in the barns where they work. Migrant Justice, founded by the workers themselves, has been very effective in changing these conditions, as evidenced by their successful campaign with Ben and Jerry’s, and their current move to bring Hannaford’s Supermarkets into a similar agreement. The work they have done is remarkable in itself, but doubly impressive given the conditions under which they work.

The St. Paul’s Jubilee Social Justice Committee continues to sponsor bi-monthly conversations related to systemic racism in our community, nation, and church. Our goal is to foster – through presentations, directed activity, and in-depth conversation – a deeper understanding of the issues at hand, our complicity in it, and how to make a difference as we move forward.

Please join us on Zoom Saturday for this event using this link.

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