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2023 Diocesan Convention Nominations

The deadline for nominations for diocesan leadership positions to be elected during the 2023 diocesan convention is October 13. Nominations should be submitted using the online form

Please email Pamela Van de Graaf, chair of the Nominations Committee, at with questions.

Brookhaven Treatment and Learning Center Trustees (meets monthly)

  • Brookhaven Treatment and Learning Center in Chelsea is a private school for boys with emotional or behavioral disorders. It is owned by the Diocese of Vermont and licensed by the state of Vermont. The Trustees oversee the work of the school and treatment center.

Needed: three lay or clergy (term: 3 years)

Commission on Finance (meets monthly)

  • The Commission on Finance meets monthly for two hours (day and time to be determined with new membership). Its main functions are to review the financials of the diocese, assist in the budget process, review grant and loan applications, work with parishes on audits and parochial reports, and work closely with the CFO and treasurer of the diocese toward financial sustainability and accountability. 

Needed: 2 clergy, 2 lay (term: 4 years)

General Convention Alternate Deputies

  • The triennial General Convention of the Episcopal Church will be held in July of 2024 in Louisville, Kentucky. Once elected alternate deputies are ranked according to votes received. In the event an elected deputy is unable to serve, an alternate deputy is chosen based on the vote ranking, to attend as a deputy.

Needed: four lay and four clergy

Provincial Synod Deputy

  • Province 1 activities are governed by the Provincial Synod, which has clergy and lay representatives from all seven New England dioceses (Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Western Massachusetts). Learn more on the Province 1 website.

Needed: one clergy, one lay (3 year term)

Rock Point Commons Board of Directors (meets monthly)

  • The Rock Point Commons Board stewards 130 acres of publicly accessible conserved lands on Rock Point in Burlington. Their mission is to cultivate an inclusive, place-based community for education, spirituality, and environmental stewardship.

Needed: three lay or clergy (3 year term)

Rock Point School Board of Trustees

  • Rock Point School provides a close-knit, supportive educational community, where high school and postgraduate students who have experienced challenges can become successful academically, build self-confidence, and develop skills for their future.

Needed: one lay or clergy (3 year term)

Standing Committee (meets monthly)

  • The Standing Committee consists of four clergy and four lay people; one clergy person and one lay person are elected at each convention. The Standing Committee performs the canonical functions described on the Episcopal Church website, and may also perform other duties outlined in the Constitution and Canons of the Diocese of Vermont as amended in 2022. Please note that the diocesan canons, and therefore the functions of the Standing Committee, are subject to be amended by the 2023 Annual Convention.

Needed: one lay, one clergy (term: 4 years)

Trustees of the Diocese Class of 2025

At last year’s diocesan convention, the Trustees of the Diocese expanded to nine members and the term of service was shortened to three years from seven years. The Trustees maintain and oversee the overall stewardship of the diocesan assets entrusted to it, which includes title and possession of real estate and other assets. 

Needed: 1 clergy or lay

Trustees of the Diocese, Class of 2026

Needed: three clergy or lay

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