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Reflection on A Season for the Spirit – March 6

Winter has long been my favorite season for reasons aesthetic, physical, and philosophical. In the summer everything is bright and supple, but for me it is almost too loud. What are all those trees hiding and from what subterranean secrets are all those vibrant flowers distracting?

In the winter everything is entirely pared back, and you can see. I mean, you can really see the stark, durable beauty at the heart of the matter.

Smith takes us there today at last! 

Lent (and any genuine spiritual practice, really) is intended to pull back the covers until we understand that God does not just hang out inside us. Our truest self is the Goodness created at the beginning, the Belovedness proclaimed out our baptism, even Jesus Christ Himself. His is the ultimate humanity at our center.

So, I invite you to savor my favorite early Christian poems by Symeon the New Theologian. It’s entitled: We Awaken in Christ’s Body. You can find it HERE.

The Rev. adwoa Wilson

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