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Reflection on A Season for the Spirit – March 28

This image is part of a sporadic lenten series by a beautiful artist of the psalms who has taken a break from that ambitious project during Lent. Each of the few images in this series has to do with a particular fast. This one is: Fast from Strength and Holding It All Together. It makes me think of the inner work that Martin Smith has been getting us to do, specifically in seeing ourselves with a mixture of honestly and compassion. 

Holy Week is drawing nearer now. I wonder when along the journey each of the disciples finally ceased the strain of holding it all together. When did each tap out on the grandiose understanding of their strength, courage, and conviction? When did each one have to fall back, weary, into the outstretching arms of a Christ who already knew it all and was pouring himself out to embrace them just as they were?

We have, perhaps, been seeing a lot about ourselves in these last few weeks. Things glorious and disconcerting. It is time to gather them up and walk with them toward the cross of Christ. We don’t do this as valiant seeker and whimsically determined discipleships who pride ourselves on keeping vigil for the hour that Jesus asked. We come as weary humans who see ourselves and admit at least: I am not strong enough to hold this up. But, there you are, Christ, arms outstretched to make it so.

The Rev. adwoa Wilson

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