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Things That Make You Say, "Alleluia!"

For the past eight years, your generosity in this annual appeal—today known as the Alleluiafund—has generated nearly $400,000.Consider making an online contribution toward this year’s goal of $40,000.​

Because of your generosity in 2017 and 2018, the Alleluiafund exceeded its goal. This means, not only did we meet our predetermined commitments to Rock Point Camp, Rock Point Property, and various local and global outreach ministries, but we were also able to provide additional funding for many more things that make you say, “Alleluia!” The Alleluiafund supports vital ministries that are beyond the capacity of our diocesan budget, and every dollar raised goes directly to selected ministries. Historically, the selected ministries have included Rock Point Camp, Rock Point Commons, and various other outreach ministries agreed upon at each year’s Annual Convention. This year, we agreed to focus on Rock Point, Rock Point Camp, and ministries related to the priorities set by our Presiding Bishop and the General Convention, which include reconciliation, evangelism, and creation care. (Read the Resolution).

2019 Goal = $40,000

Total Pledged as of July 31, 2019 = $25,960.00

Precentage of Goal 64.9%

What are some of the things that make YOU say, "Alleluia"?