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Bishop Transition

Prayer for the Discernment Process for the 11th Bishop of Vermont

Loving and gracious God, we pray for your Holy Spirit’s guidance as we seek new leadership for the Episcopal Church in Vermont. Give listening hearts and receptive minds to those appointed to search for candidates, and inquiring and open hearts to those discerning a call to serve as Bishop of Vermont. May we all share the gift of joy and wonder in all your works. May we be united in our desire for your will for this Diocese, that the love of Christ may be evident to all; for it is in Jesus’ name that we pray. Amen.

BREAKING NEWS from MAY 18, 2019

The Episcopal Church in Vermont Elects Shannon MacVean-Brown as Bishop XI

View videos of the May 18 Electing Convention,  balloting results, and the press release about our Bishop-elect, the Rev. Dr. Shannon Mac-Vean-Brown.

View the Walkabout Videos

Filmed on April 28-30, 2019, these 12 videos feature the three nominees for bishop as they respond to questions publicly at “walkabout” events held in Springfield, Manchester Center, Burlington, and Newport. The questions asked of the nominees may vary by site.

Meet the Candidates!

The Standing Committee of The Episcopal Church in Vermont announced a slate of three candidates for the 11th bishop of the diocese.

Bishop Search Profile & Official Website

The Standing Committee & BDNC launched a Profile and dedicated website to facilitate the search for the 11th Bishop of The Episcopal Church in Vermont.

Anticipated Timeline

The Standing Committee provided an anticipated timeline of activities leading to the Consecration of Bishop XI.
This page will launch in our official Bishop Search Website.

The Standing Committee

Bishop Ely announced his intention to resign as Bishop of Vermont no later than the end of September 2019.
The Standing Committee was charged with the responsibility of leading the diocese through this time of transition.  

The Bishop Discernment & Nominating Committee

The BDNC was charged with helping discern the best way to move forward vis-à-vis the Episcopate,
determine what gifts and strengths are required in our next Bishop, and present a slate of candidates matching that profile.

The Transition Committee

The Transition Committee is assisting the Diocese in bidding farewell to Bishop Thomas Ely and his wife Ann;
helping to pastor bishop candidates; supporting the election process; and welcoming the new bishop.

Transition Media & Resources

Transition News