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Grants and Loans

The Commission on Finance administers the funds made available by the Diocese of Vermont for the purpose of awarding Grants and Loans to its member institutions. All parishes and other Diocesan entities are welcome to apply for these funds. Funds are awarded on a rolling basis throughout the year. Applications for funds required in the current fiscal year must be submitted by September 30th in order to be considered for an award before the end of the year.

Applicants must be current in their payments of any outstanding loans and assessments; must be current in completion of parish audits and parochial reports; and must have submitted any required reports for grants and loans received previously.

All grant recipients must complete a Grant Report at the completion of the project or once the funds have been utilized. Such a report should include an accounting of how the funds were used and a brief summary of the outcomes of the project, if applicable.

Completed applications, along with all supporting documentation should be emailed to the Chair of the Commission on Finance, Greta Getlein, Questions and concerns can also be emailed to Greta.

All applicants will be contacted by a member of the Commission on Finance who will review the application, seek any necessary additional information, and serve as a shepherd through the process. Applicants requesting more than $5,000 in grant funds will be asked to be present at the Commission on Finance meeting during which the application will be considered.

All applicants will be notified within 2 business days of the final decision of the Commission on Finance. Funds will be released to the applicant within two weeks of the final decision of the Commission.


Members of the Commission on Finance: The Very Rev. Greta Getlein, chair; the Rev. Bob Wilson; the Rev. Kathy Hartman; Chad Wohlers; Collins Sennett; Beth Davis

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