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Mission is God's process at work.

A strong theological current for the Local Mission Approach initiative in the Diocese of Vermont is an understanding of mission as God’s mission (missio dei), put into practice by the Church. Put another way, as many Christian leaders have observed, “The Church does not have a Mission. God’s Mission has a Church.”

Local Mission Toolkit

What Is a Local Mission Approach? A Local Mission Approach is a documented process of discerning and planning, acting and reflecting. One crucial factor in preparing a Local Mission Approach is that it should be a process that has the widest possible involvement across your congregation.

Appeals, Grants and Loans. Using funds designated in the Diocesan Budget for Local Mission Approaches, funding is provided for training in the various tools and models available to assist congregations, as well as for grants to help congregations implement a Local Mission Approach.

Local Mission Questionnaire. Local clergy and lay leaders are invited to download and use this questionnaire to assist congregations with the discernment of local mission.

Conversation Starters. Here are a few suggestions on how you might engage with people about being more missional. Pick one or more that is a good match for your group’s size, how you like to have conversations, or what might stretch you a bit.

Missional: Joining God in the Neighborhood. This book by Alan J. Roxburgh calls readers to reenter their neighborhoods and communities to discover what the Spirit is doing there — to start with God’s mission and join in, shaping the local church around that mission.

Joining God, Remaking Church, and Changing the World. In this book, Alan J. Roxburgh urges Christians to follow the Spirit into our neighborhoods, re-engage with the mission of God, and re-imagine the whole enterprise of church.

Local Mission News