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A Draft Framework for Anti-Racism and Racial Reconciliation Training in The Episcopal Church

Developed by The Episcopal Church (TEC), the draft-in-progress available from the link below defines the wider Church framework for anti-racism and racial reconciliation training.

Becoming Beloved Community: The Episcopal Church’s Long-Term Commitment to Racial Healing, Reconciliation & Justice

The commitment outlined in this document is intentionally focused on TEC efforts that support and complement local, diocesan, provincial, and network efforts.

The Episcopal Church in Vermont’s Four-Phase Racial Healing Process

The Racial Reconciliation Team of the Episcopal Church in Vermont has developed a Four-phase Process for anti-racism training, available from the link below, that meets our commitments as part of TEC while responding to the unique needs of the Vermont Diocese.

Training Resources to Accompany the Four-Phase Racial Healing Process

This page houses curricula and activities for use within Vermont congregations to support the Four-Phase Racial Healing Process. Please check this page periodically for updates. 

The Diocesan Racial Healing & Reconciliation Network

The Diocesan Racial Reconciliation Team is responsible for developing the Four-Phase Racial Healing Process, recommending anti-racism training resources, and consulting with congregations on training events. Click the link for contact information or to inquire about joining the Team.

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Racial Healing News