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Guidelines for Church Feeding Programs and use of Church Kitchens

From the Diocesan Restart Team

Guidelines for Church Feeding Programs and use of Church Kitchens

There is an urgent need to serve those who are hungry in our communities, especially as many will lose temporary hotel/motel housing at the end of June. It is not necessary for a congregation to have an approved Phase 4 Plan in order to start a feeding program.

  1. Church kitchens may be used for feeding programs with the following provisions:
    • Only fully vaccinated people may use the kitchen.
    • Kitchen staff will continue to wear masks while indoors.
    • Try to maintain as much physical distance as possible.
    • Kitchens are generally small spaces, and the nature of food preparation makes it difficult to practice physical distancing. Please be aware of this and maintain as much physical distance as possible.
    • Open any windows.
    • Use any fan or ventilation system continuously to circulate as much air through the kitchen as possible. If there is an oven fan, use it while in the kitchen. If there is not an oven fan, use box fans in windows pointing outward.
    • A designated member of the congregation involved with the feeding program will maintain a log of all volunteers using the kitchen for each day the program operates.
  2. Feeding Programs may operate with the following provisions:
    • Food shelf operations should take place outdoors. Maintain physical distance as guests line up for service. If possible, consider a “drive up” model, so guests can remain in their vehicles.
    • All meals will be served outdoors.
    • Ask guests to maintain physical distance while in line waiting to be served.
    • Meals are to be served as “take away” (the preferred option) or eaten outside in a manner that allows for physical distance between guests.
    • Please try to use compostable/recyclable serving containers. Please avoid using Styrofoam cups, clamshells, etc.
    • No guests should be allowed indoors, including restrooms. If necessary, have a Porta Potty brought to the church grounds.
    • When possible, encourage guests to get vaccinated. Maintain and provide a list of local vaccination clinics, locations and hours.

Download a PDF of these guidelines.

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