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Safe Church


Safe Church Training

The Diocese of Vermont strictly prohibits sexual misconduct of any type by any ordained person (deacon, transitional deacon, priest or bishop) canonically resident or functioning in the Diocese of Vermont, or any employee or volunteer authorized to perform work or provide services within the church.

All clergy and lay employees of the church, and all volunteers authorized by the Vestry and clergy person in charge to work on behalf of the congregation in situations that are considered high risk for sexual misconduct (such as church school, individual counseling, youth programs, etc.) will be required to complete and sign an application form which specifically includes a request for personal references, information concerning any prior adjudication in regard to sexual misconduct, and acknowledgment of the church’s right to conduct a confidential background check.

Within the first thirty days of employment or assignment, newly elected vestry members and all persons engaged in high risk areas of service will be required to sign a statement indicating that they have read and understand, and intend to comply with, the Diocese of Vermont Policy and Procedures Relating to Sexual Misconduct.

Within the first six months of employment or assignment, all clergy and employees must receive a minimum of six hours of training on issues of sexual harassment and exploitation and the prevention and detection of child sexual abuse in church settings. All persons engaged in high risk areas of service must additionally participate in this training. All such training must be provided or approved by the Province of New England.


If you have knowledge of what you believe to be misconduct by a member of the clergy (bishops, priests and deacons), visit the Report Misconduct (Title IV Intake) page.

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