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Procedures for Obtaining Quitclaim Deeds for SPG and Glebe Lands

Download a PDF of these procedures.

Trustees of the Episcopal Diocese of Vermont
5 Rock Point Road
Burlington, VT   05408


All transactions involving real property owned by the Trustees of the Episcopal Diocese of Vermont are not only subject to requirements that pertain within the Diocese, but also adhere to the Canons (laws) of The Episcopal Church of the United States. Having historical antecedents that pre-date the Revolutionary War, certain properties in the State of Vermont retain a lease obligation presently owned by the Trustees. To obtain a Quitclaim Deed for property for which there is a lease obligation owned by the Trustees of the Diocese of Vermont, the following procedures must be followed.

PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THIS PROCESS MAY TAKE UP TO SIX (6) WEEKS TO COMPLETE. The Trustees will endeavor to advance the process as quickly as possible.

I. Materials to be submitted by the property owner or agent representing the owner:

a. A deed and other supporting information as may be appropriate documenting the SPG or Glebe land for which a Quitclaim Deed is requested, including, a clear statement of the number of acres for which the Quitclaim is requested

b. A completed Quitclaim Deed and state tax transfer documents

c. A check made payable to the Trustees of the Diocese of Vermont according to the following schedule:

i. For 5 acres or less: $250

ii. For more than 5 acres: $250 plus $50 for each additional acre

iii. For parcels greater than 20 acres, immediate approval is granted for sellers who pay the $250 plus $50 per acre fee. In cases in which a seller would like to appeal the fee, a written request will be considered by the Trustees at their next scheduled quarterly meeting

II. In cases in which the property is to be conserved by transfer to a non-profit land conservation organization, such as the Vermont Land Trust, the Trustees may waive the acreage fee.

III. All materials should be submitted to:

Mr. Rich Sagui,
Financial Administrator
Episcopal Church in Vermont
5 Rock Point Road
Burlington, VT  05408

Please note that this process may take up to 6 weeks to complete, therefore, please allow adequate time to submit your materials as listed. All deeds are subject to review by legal counsel representing the Trustees of the Diocese of Vermont. For further information, please forward a detailed email or letter to Rich Sagui, Financial Administrator, at the address above.

Effective date: September 14, 2018

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