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Welcome & Overview

We are constantly working toward greater understanding and radical inclusion of all of God’s children.

Thanks to the work of many of our forebears and the continued effort of today’s Episcopalians, neither race, nor gender, nor sexual orientation can prevent an individual from participating fully in the life of the church or answering God’s call to ministry. In addition, the canons of the Episcopal Church today make the rite of marriage available to all people, regardless of gender. We remain committed to social justice worldwide and, as stewards of God’s creation, promote environmental responsibility and sustainability.

Our Worship Style

Sunday is traditionally when Episcopalians gather for worship, although services may be held at any time. Episcopalians worship in many different styles, yet all worship in the Episcopal Church is based in  the Book of Common Prayer, which gives it a familiar feel, no matter where you go.

Who We Are

We are the Episcopal Church in Vermont, the people of forty-six congregations in one body who together face the future with all of its challenges and all of its promises.

We are the Episcopal Church in Vermont, connected to each other and brother and sister Episcopalians and Anglicans around the world who are committed to building up the body of Christ.

We are the Episcopal Church in Vermont, serving children and youth through Rock Point Summer Camp, Kids4Peace, and Camp Agape and celebrating the presence of young people among us.

We are the Episcopal Church in Vermont, gathering to grow and learn at spring Ministry Expos, fall Ministry Fairs, and other workshops, training events and celebrations.

We are the Episcopal Church in Vermont, combining our resources to help and support one another through loans and grants for training and support, for seed money for new ministries, for local and global outreach, and for the care of our properties.

We are the Episcopal Church in Vermont, forming teams to promote our stewardship of the earth, make our church safer for all God’s children, educate ourselves about the power of racism, and much more.

We are the Episcopal Church in Vermont, congregations who share in the mission to pray the prayer of Christ, to learn the mind of Christ, and to do the deeds of Christ. 

We live into our mission through the ministries of Formation; Liberation; Communication; Connection; Celebration. Shalom!

Bishops of the Episcopal Church in Vermont