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Trustees of the Diocese

The Trustees of the Diocese of Vermont are a seven-member board elected during Diocesan Convention, one each year for a seven-year term. The Bishop of the Diocese serves as a Trustee Ex Officio. Trustees hold the titles to all diocesan properties, mission properties, as well as the properties of several congregations. They are responsible for all bequests to the Diocese and a Unit Trust Fund (making distributions quarterly) in which many congregations and diocesan institutions invest.

Diocesan Unit Trust Fund

The Diocesan Unit Fund (“the Fund”) holds investments of the Episcopal Church in Vermont, its parishes, its missions and its other institutions. The Fund is currently managed by Hickok & Boardman of Burlington, Vermont, who are independent, registered advisors. They in turn work with Raymond James Financial Services, one of the country’s largest and most respected financial service companies.

Diocesan Property & Real Estate

In the Diocese of Vermont, the title to most church and Diocesan property is held in the name of the Trustees of the Diocese of Vermont. Together with the Standing Committee and the Bishop, the Trustees act on any real estate transactions relating to those properties.

Gift Acceptance Policy

The Gift Acceptance Policy is administered by the Trustees and provides guidelines to representatives of the Trustees who may be involved in the review and acceptance of gifts, outside advisers who may assist in the gift planning process, and prospective donors who may wish to make gifts.