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Alleluia Fund 2014

Alleluiafund 2014 Launch and 2013 Recap

Rt. Rev. Thomas C. ElyDear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We have launched the 2014 Alleluia Fund and already we have over $57,260 in gifts and pledges! Alleluia! During these great fifty days of Easter I ask you to make your commitment to the ministries that are supported by the Alleluia Fund. Our goal this year is $75,000. I know the generosity of our people and I am confident that we can exceed this goal. There are so many reasons to express our gratitude, and so I hope you will make the Alleluia Fund one way in which you do just that! Please continue to read the rest of this letter that describes our approach to the Alleluia Fund this year. Thank you. Alleluia!  +Thomas

Allelluia! Christ is Risen Indeed! And because of the generosity expressed by over 300 people last year, Christ is being known through our deeds all over the Green Mountain State. The response to the 2013 launch of the Alleluiafund was joyful generosity. The $60,000 goal was exceed by almost $10,000 in donations!

The Church is undergoing great changes and one of those changes is how we think about our mission outside the walls of the Church, and also how we think about money. The Alleluiafund is an example of providing an opportunity to directly fund growing, and new, vital ministries that demonstrate the Church’s “relevance” in the world today.

Beginning on Easter Sunday, a twenty page magazine filled with pictures and information about the AF ministries will be available in every congregation. I encourage you to pick one up and take it home and read it cover to cover.   In those pages you will find more information about the history of these ministries, the work that generous donations helped accomplish in 2013 and something about the hopes and dreams for the future. The gifts we received allowed the Rock Point Board to install a new guardrail around Sunset Cliff. Syrian refugees and Sudanese immigrants were supported through the work of local congregations with funds from Global Reconciliation. The Stirrings of the Spirit leadership team‘s “Liturgy Lab” continues to stir innovation in worship and new forms of being church. Earth Stewards are busily at work on a joint initiative with the Diocese of New Hampshire to have a liturgical earth stewardship event in June. The Cathedral Chapter renovated St. Francis chapel which is an important part of the Cathedral’s ministry of hospitality. Both Vermont Interfaith Action and Upper Valley interfaith project received monetary support from Outreach and Social Justice. Rock Point Summer Camp had an additional $300+ per camper thanks to the generous response to this appeal.

Our goal for 2014 has been raised to $75,000. This will allow us to fund our work in support of the Millennium Development Goals at .07% of our operating budget. We will also fund ministries in the area of formation for children, youth and adults.

Your generosity is the key to continued growth and expansion of these ministries and consequently growth of the Episcopal Church in Vermont as we seek to serve those outside our walls. Every dollar of every donation directly supports these ministries.

If you are a golfer or a friend of the sport, please consider joining the fun at the AlleluiaOpen on September 13, 2014 at the Basin Harbor Club in Vergennes, VT. Play a round of golf, become an event sponsor, or better still – do both! Last year the tournament was not only great fun but raised over $8000 for the Alleluiafund.

I hope you enjoy reading about our expanding ministries and that as result you will give generously to the Alleluiafund. May the blessings of Easter and the joy of the resurrection surround you in 2014.

The Right Reverend Thomas C. Ely

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