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Communication Minister’s Report to Diocesan Council, September 30, 2017

Communication Minister’s Report to Diocesan Council, September 30, 2017

1. As a follow-up to the July Communicators’ Workshops, and at the request of various parish communicators, I created an online PR kit of self-service media relations tools. The additions were announced in August and can be found on my Ministry Support Team Member page. From the homepage, click About > Ministry Support Team > Maurice Harris, Diocesan Communications Minister

2. Acting on a tip from the July Communications Workshop, Jeanie Crosby from St. Michael’s Brattleboro realized cost savings for the parish while improving their online communication by switching to a free Mail Chimp account. I provided training and support during the conversion. (As a reminder to those who avoid mass email services due to the perceived cost, Mail Chimp offers its service free for users with less than 2,000 subscribers.)

3. Facilitated a communications planning meeting at St. Peters, Lyndonville on August 6. The focus our discussion was the forthcoming design of their new website.

4. Co-facilitated the Racial Reconciliation Team with the Rev. Rob Spainhour. Our focus has been on preparations for the October 10 Clergy Day. Now that the planning for that event is finalized, the Team has begun planning for Diocesan Convention. Please see Rob’s report for additional details.

5. Facilitated a Rock Point media opportunity with meteorologist Torrance Gaucher from WVNY (ABC affiliate) and WFFF (Fox affiliate). The report, which appeared on televised and web news, discussed the conversion of the Solar Farm into a Pollinator Meadow, a project which is now underway:

6. Rock Point was also named in a press release by Vermont Renewable Energy in conjunction with a statewide initiative to create pollinator meadows. The press release appeared in VT Digger:

7. On September 10, met with Bishop Ely’s and this year’s EYE participants to record footage for a video summarizing their EYE experience to be shared at Diocesan Convention.

8. Co-facilitated the Diocesan Unit Trust Fund web conference on September 14 (including two rehearsals that preceded the event). The session, hosted by the Trustees of the Diocese, provided a comprehensive overview of the DUT Fund and an introduction to our fund manager. All individuals involved in church finance are encouraged to view the recording, which can be accessed here:

9. The Rock Point Web Design Project recommenced on August 30 to begin implementing some of the recommendations set forth in the Rock Point Brand Discovery Brief, and to make progress on the Rock Point website redesign project. During the meeting, the team adopted the official color palette and fonts for Rock Point and reviewed the new Value Proposition, which will guide our internal and external messaging. Diocesan Council members are encouraged to view these pages of our Rock Point Brand Manual, which is currently in progress:

a. Value Proposition b. Brand Colors c. Brand Typography

10. As part of the re-branding project, the Rock Point Board has empowered the Web Design Team (recently renamed the Rock Point Brand Team) to propose a new Rock Point Logo. The Team has elected to host a logo contest, which will launch on October 2 in the upcoming edition of the Mountain. Please see the announcement at the end of this report.

11. In case you missed it (since our Aug 2 meeting):

a. The Mountain, August 15, 2017
b. The Mountain, September 1, 2017
c. The Mountain, September 15, 2017
d. The Mountain (Back Issues)

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