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Diocesan Unit Trust Fund Overview

About the Diocesan Unit Trust Fund

The Diocesan Unit Fund (“the Fund”) holds investments of the Episcopal Diocese of Vermont, its parishes, its missions and its other institutions. The Fund is a “pooled” fund. Each investing institution owns shares in the Fund. The shares are pooled together in order to benefit from the advantages of being part of a larger investment group. Those advantages include:

  • professional investment managers to enhance returns and ensure proper risk management;
  • lower transaction and management costs;
  • increased asset diversification to reduce risk.

The Fund is currently managed by Hickok & Boardman of Burlington, Vermont, who are independent, registered advisors. They in turn work with Raymond James Financial Services, one of the country’s largest and most respected financial service companies. The Trustees of the Episcopal Diocese of Vermont are charged with oversight of the Fund and make decisions about investment policies and managers of the Fund.


Investment Goals and Policies

Investment goals and policies are detailed in the Fund’s Investment Policy Statement (updated February, 2020). This Statement is available to both current and prospective shareholders.

Investment Reviews

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